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TYPE    EP1500                EP1500es

Engine: GP980   98cc (3.0HP) Air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV, Single cylinder,  Oil Alarming System, Recoil Starting. GP98es   98cc (3.0HP)  Air-cooled, 4-stroke,   OHV, Single cylinder,  Oil Alarming   System, Recoil /Electric Starting.

Rated output                                                                         1.0kW
Max. Output                                                                         1.2kW
Voltage                                                                         230V
Frequency                                                                         50Hz
Power factor                                                                            1
Phase                                                                Single with AVR
Fuel Tank                                                                        6.0L
Start System                                Recoil                       Recoil /Electric
Continue run time                                                                         9.5h  
Noise                                                                     91 d B Lwa
Net weight(KG)                                     26                                     28

Certification   Requirements 2006/42/EC - Machinery Directive, 2004/108/EC - EMC Directive,   97/68/EC and 2004/26/EC - Emission of Pollutant Directive,2000/14/EC - Noise   Emission in the Environment by Equipment for use, EN ISO 3744:1995, EN   55012:2007, EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 12601:2001

AaccessoriesAC Plug, Spark Plug Socket, Afterburner Rod, User's Manual.AC Plug, 4AH Battery Spark Plug Socket,   Afterburner Rod, User's Manual.

CARTON SIZE:460mm*370mm*380mm

MQQ:MOQ:1120 SETS (40HQ)
            480  SETS (20GP)

GARANTEE24 months